About King Koil

King Koil is made under license here in Ireland in Kilcullen Co. Kildare since 1982. King Koil is the only bed collection endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association for its special support features designed to improve back and spine care during sleep.

International Chiropractors AssociationYour sleeping posture, spinal alignment and weight distribution all have an effect on how well you sleep, and this in turn affects your health and general wellbeing. That’s why King Koil involved the most credible name in Chiropractic care, the International Chiropractors Association, head quartered in America, to design better back care features in bedding.

King Koil is a proven back care specialist, we do not make over-firm beds and market them as “orthopaedic” as this is a term which does not have an objective standard in the industry. Our beds are in fact renowned for their comfort and support, some are luxuriously plush but they are all strengthened with special features so that the back and spine regions receive proper support and healthy alignment.

King Koil mattresses are available with either traditional reinforced, open-coil springs for those preferring a firmer, more supportive feel or with luxury pocketed-spring combinations feature the highest quality filling and upholstery materials. 2013 saw the launch of several new collections including GRAND LUXE featuring super-luxury plush sleep surfaces and exotic natural filling materials combined with high count pocket-spring specifications. Also an EXTENDED LIFE collection for the larger build-sleeper. King Koil beds are renowned for their superb finish and tailoring featuring exceptional craftmanship, unique finish and beautiful fabrics.

Lets take a closer look at why our luxury back care beds are so good for your health.

Our Charity Partners

King Koil provides mattresses and bedding products to Irish charities including:

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For hospitality enquiries visit kingkoil-hotel.com

Chiro-Span Posturisation

In selected models, the critical centre third area of the inner spring system is reinforced by a revolutionary development called Chiro-Span Posturisation™. This is a series of steel bands, spanning the spring unit from side to side. These bands, working in tandem with the coils, create a superior tension-reinforced centre, providing additional support to the lower back region where most of the body weight is distributed.

Flex Edge Supports™

Flex-Edge Supports™ consist of tempered steel bands which run between the top and bottom of the mattress sides. These flexible bands absorb shocks to the side of the mattress and protect the mattress sides from bending out of shape. They also provide a firmer edge which means you get to enjoy more effective sleep space right to the edge of the mattress.  The Flex-Edge feature in fact delivers up to 20% additional sleep surface as you can sleep right to the edges of the mattress without fear of roll-off.

Trusted by Ireland’s Best Hotels

King Koil beds combine luxurious comfort with proven back support. This mix works perfectly for the luxury hotel sector, where guests are paying a premium and expect a great night’s sleep. You might have already enjoyed a great night and invigorated morning on a King Koil bed. Here is a short list of just some of the hotels who use beds from out King Koil Contract Club range.

  • Dromoland Castle
  • Ashford Castle
  • Adare Manor
  • Shelbourne Hotel
  • Merrion Hotel
  • G Hotel
  • D Hotel
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Radisson Hotels
  • Herbert Park Hotel
  • Berkeley Court Hotel
  • Hayfield Manor
  • Glin Castle
  • Waterford Castle
  • Kellys Hotel
  • Hastings Hotels NI
  • Prem Group
  • Jurys Croke Park