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Bed Care

You’ve taken a lot of care in selecting your new King Koil bed or mattress. Now take a moment to review these helpful care tips which are designed to help you get the most out of your new bed and to ensure that it performs to its very best.

1. Air Your Mattress

All King Koil mattresses are made to order with fresh materials and so initial synthetic odours can be quite common at the start and which can take a little time to dissipate after taking delivery.  After removing the packaging, stand your mattress on its side to air for a number of hours in a well ventilated room with the windows open.  And it is a good idea to regularly air your mattress in use.

2. Breaking in the bed

As with a new pair of shoes, you will need time to get used to the feel of your new bed or mattress.  Please allow up to 3 weeks to adapt to your new bed and the different level of support and comfort afforded.

3. Mattress Protector

To protect your mattress from normal body moisture, sweating etc fit a quality mattress protector or undersheet between the bed linen and the mattress.  This will help to keep it safe and clean as well as prolonging its lifespan.

4. Turning / Rotating

Most mattresses today are non-flip (single sided) so they don’t need to be turned over. However, they should be rotated around regularly, top to bottom, to ensure that the filling materials settle evenly, the mattress wears more evenly, and natural body impression is minimised.  Rotate the mattress once a month for the first six months, and thereafter once every season. For conventional two-sided mattresses flip to the same schedule.

5. Fitting castors

Gently tap home with a mallet or hammer which is turned sideways. Use the inter-connector links provided or the U-clips to connect bases which come in two halves. Detachable legs, where applicable, are screwed up into the base frame.

6. Correct use of mattress

Ensure sufficient access especially for King and Super-King sizes and during installation ensure that there is no bending, twisting or folding of the mattress in order to force it in as this will damage the interior. Avoid activity that this product was not designed for, such as jumping on, working on or sitting on sides as these can damage the component parts.

7. Drawers

Do not overload the drawers in the base where applicable as this may damage them beyond repair.  They are best used for bedding, linen, towels.

8. Bases / Foundations

For best performance and to replicate the feel you tried on the shop floor we recommend that you always place a new King Koil mattress on a matching new King Koil divan base or quality new slatted bed frame. Placing a heavy new mattress on an old base or unsuitable foundation may undermine the support and comfort levels and reduce the mattress performance and lifespan.  If using a slatted bedframe ensure that the slats are thick and secure and that the gaps between the individual slats is no more than 3” (7.5cm) max.

9. Cleaning Your Mattress

Remove surface dust and fluff from your mattress periodically with a soft brush rather than a vacuum cleaner.  If an accidental spill or leak occurs or liquid comes in contact with the mattress then try to remove quickly with a moist cloth using lukewarm water and soap or a mild detergent.  Pat dry with paper towels and leave to dry in the open, uncovered and with good air circulation.

10. Bed linen /sheets

High-quality mattresses today are often much deeper than in the past and so traditional fitted sheets with 8”-9” gussets will often not fit the new mattress properly.  Thankfully, sheets with deeper gussets to fit extra deep and thick pillow-top mattresses are now more commonplace today, as an alternative, we also recommend using flat sheets where appropriate.

11. Electric Blankets

It is not normally recommended to use an electric blanket with a mattress specification that features visco memory foam.   This is due to the fact that introducing an artificial heat source may interfere with the ability of the visco memory to react properly to the body’s natural temperature and physiology.   It also could potentially introduce unwanted heat and discomfort.

12. Mattress feels different to the one tried in store

Your new mattress has been manufactured brand new and fresh to order while the mattress in the store may have been there for some time and will be well broken in having been tried out and laid on many times and by many people during that time.   Just allow a sufficient period of time to break in the new mattress properly after you take delivery.

13. Mattress Warranty

Your new mattress/bed set comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty policy inclusive of a two-year manufacturing guarantee, your retailer will be able to provide you with full details.  On taking delivery of the new product you can register your warranty online and the full workings of the warranty are included in the Care document which comes automatically with your new mattress/bed.  Following the Care pointers will help you get the best performance out of your new purchase and enjoy many nights of restful sleep.

The NBF (National Bed Federation) recommends that beds be replaced between 8 and 10 years.