Grand Luxury

Luxurious natural collection. The last word in natural luxury. Blends naturally soft supportive fillings with exceptionally high pocket spring counts of up to 4000 springs.

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Pocket Sprung

Traditional handmade back support. It is hard to surpass the comfortable independent response of handmade pocket sprung mattresses.That's why you will find King Koil pocket sprung beds in more 5 star hotels than any Irish bed brand.

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Spinal Care

Firmer feels for back care lovers. Backed by the International Chiropractors Association, this collection is designed for those who value back care above all else. Also the choice for those who like a firmer feel.

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Extended Life

Supersized long life King Koil beds. King Koil's latest collection is designed to last even longer. With a 15 year warranty and a host of life extending features, including turnable tops. This range will provide long years of great sleep.

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Dr Nina Byrnes

Dr Nina Byrnes is King Koil's medical advisor. Dr Byrnes is available to help spread the message about the importance of healthy sleep for families all over Ireland. To contact Dr Byrnes, please email Conor at